Relieve Symptoms without Medicine

"He's not comfortable at all."

Four-Month-Old Jailon Just Got His Very First Cold.

Jessica May, Jailon's Mother: "Everything started getting really bad, especially at night. He wasn't sleeping cause he couldn't breathe."

When her pediatrician's office told her she couldn't give Jailon over-the-counter cold medicine.

"I freaked out because I didn't know what else to do."

Here's the concern: the FDA has linked over the counter cold medicines to 123 pediatric deaths since 1969, most of them children under two.

"There you go."

Plus, experts say the over the counter medicines just Don't make kids better.

Vinny Chulani, MD, Pediatrician: "The body of evidence supporting the use of cough and cold preparations, over the counter cough and cold preparations for infants and children, under the age of two, under the age of six, even adults is really shaky at best."

So what's a mom to do?

Harvard Pediatrics Professor Doctor Michael Shannon has these five tips to fight kids' colds. One, get rid of any children's cold medicines you may have on hand.

Two, make sure you have acetaminophen or ibuprofen to relieve the fever and muscle aches.

Three, plenty of fluids and plenty of rest.

Tip number four, watch for warning signs that this could be more than a cold high fever, wheezing or a rash.

Five, if he's sick for more than three or four days, call the doctor.

Jailon is already doing much better.

Jailon's Mother: "Not getting any gray hairs yet. We're just taking it day by day."

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