Fresno Unified Superintendent Gets a Raise

KFSN Wednesday night January 10th, Fresno Unified's school board heard from teachers and concerned citizens that were upset over a plan to give Superintendent Michael Hanson a large raise.

Teachers were the most vocal in criticizing the pay and benefits increase proposed for the superintendant.

Fresno Unified Teacher Randie Rios said, "Some of our employees are living in poverty. This is not appropriate."

Board member Carol Mills also expressed skepticism. But Hanson's supporter say he deserves a raise.

In a four to two vote, the board approved the plant to increase Hanson's base pay from $205 thousand dollars a year to $277 thousand dollars. The compensation package also includes a car allowance of $12 thousand dollars a year, and an expense account of $12 thousand dollars a year, a life insurance fund of $4,700 dollars and additional retirement of $31 thousand dollars a year.

Also included is a possible $30 thousand dollar a year incentive bonus. The total package brings his annual compensation to $366,700 dollars a year.

Hanson thinks its fair saying, "Yes I do, I think it's fair and I'm very appreciative for our board compensation and our board feedback and ultimately for the board vote."

Some of those frustrated by the pay increase have vowed to launch a recall election against the board members who approved the raise.

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