Tax Rebate - Action News/SurveyUSA Poll

KFSN If it passes, here's what the deal would entail. Individual taxpayers who qualify would get up to six hundred dollars in rebates. Working couples would get up to twelve hundred dollars and an additional three hundred dollars per child.

The white house is pressing for quick action. The bill goes to the house floor next week and then onto the senate where Democrats are expected to try and add elements that would extend unemployment, home heating subsidies, and food stamps.

If the senate gives quick approval, rebate checks could begin going out in May and most Americans could have them by July.

Action News wanted to know what you would do with the tax rebate. In our exclusive Action News Poll conducted by SurveyUSA, we asked, "Do you think giving a rebate check to each American will or will not help boost the economy?"

63% percent said it will help.

28% percent said it will not help.

9% percent were unsure.

If you did receive a rebate here's what responders said they would do with the money.

41% percent said they would pay bills.

20% percent said they would use the money for everyday purchases.

13% percent said they would save it or do something fun.

3% percent were not sure what they would do with the money.

The former head of the US Treasury is in Fresno tonight helping to sell the idea of tax rebates and to help homeowners avoid foreclosure.

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