Fight Brewing Between Democratic Frontrunners

KFSN 1/14/2008 The latest ABC News - Washington Post Poll shows major movement among frontrunners.

On the Republican side, John McCain has surged to 28% percent, all but doubling former frontrunner Rudy Giuliani who is now at 15% percent.

John McCain said, "I take these positions after years of experience because I believe it's best for the Country and the American people."

Giuliani got a lot of glad handing in this weekend in Florida while the rest of the field campaigned in Michigan.

Mitt Romney said in a speech, "If there's ever been a time we needed change in Washington, it is now."

Among democrats Hillary Clinton has slipped: 42% percent to barrack Obama's 37% percent.

The poll was taken before a firestorm over the Clinton's and race. Former president Bill Clinton, accused of a racist comment about Obama had the Senator defending her own comment that some say disrespected dr. Martin Luther King. She blames Obama's campaign for unfairly using it against her.

Senator Hillary Clinton, during a Meet the Press interview said, "They've been putting out talking points, they've been making this, they've been telling people in a very selective way what the facts are."

But Senator Obama denies responsibility saying, "She made a distorted statement saying that Lyndon Johnson had more to do with the Civil Rights Act. I did not make that statement. I have not commented on that statement."

Meantime, the poll also shows another change among those surveyed: the key issue in voters' minds more than ever is the economy. This is up more than 30% percent in the last month with battle lines to be played out in the coming weeks.

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