Governor's Budget Cuts Impact the Valley

KFSN The Governor's 10 percent cuts across the board are a very scary scenario to local officials because they must now find ways to reduce spending.

Governor: "Therefore when we say across the board even though some people criticize it."

The Governor's live press conference captivated Fresno County Employees. They gathered around computer screens to note what Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to cut.

He released numbers that are frightening to some leaders.

Anderson: "I would say probably most things will be impacted in one way or the other."

Fresno County Supervisor Susan Anderson said everything from public protection to health services could see reductions, but the county won't know what to slash until law makers agree on the budget.

Anderson: "But we know you can't cut that much money out of the state budget without impacting the counties so we're waiting to get the details and we have our staff standing by to analyze that information." Even Fresno State expects to face cuts. The university receives millions from state coffers.

President John Welty addressed the faculty this morning warning them of tough fiscal times ahead.

Welty: "Later today I will participate in a meeting with Chancellor Reid and CUS Presidents to discuss how we proceed in what will be a very difficult period."

Assembly member Juan Arambula predicts the Valley will be hit hard especially in programs that crack down on crime.

Arambula: "We have programs dealing with the meth problem, with gang problems. Those programs are slatted to be reduced."

Late this afternoon President Welty issued a statement saying he met with CSU officials.

Welty said if the Governor's budget remains unchanged. University officials will reduce enrollment, but this is all speculation. Nothing becomes official until lawmakers pass a budget this summer.

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