Best Food Buys: Old Favorites With Healthy Options

We're trying to stick to our New Year's resolutions to eat healthier, right?

Well, these days it's easier than ever, because many of our everyday products are chock-full of added health benefits – like, who would have thought that today our pastas, rice, breads, and our cereal would all be available in whole-grain varieties?

Imagine serving the kids PB&J on whole-grain white bread without them even realizing it's "mom approved" – or their favorite mac 'n' cheese with whole-grain pasta.

Even our orange juice is enriched with calcium for strong bones and teeth. There are some bottled waters now brimming with vitamins!

Want to add fiber to your diet? That's a lot easier today, as well! Yup, some of our breakfast favorites like granola bars have lots of fiber!

And even already good-for-us yogurt has had a makeover. Besides it being low in fat and calories, a new trend we're seeing is yogurt varieties that have the plus of both fiber and something called probiotics.

(Have you) been hearing more about probiotics? Well, they're just the scientific term for the "good for us" live cultures known to promote our digestive health – and eating food containing probiotics, like this, is a good way to keep to our resolutions for healthy eating.

And it's so easy because, besides enjoying any flavor as is, we can add it to our favorite fruits or just mix it along with granola to make it into a fun breakfast parfait. And the nice part? With all these super options available to us, we can better enjoy the… "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"

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