Possible "Myspace" Connection to Murder

KFSN Accused killer 19-year old Dustin Gran shows off his interest in guns on his MySpace page.

A page that's filled with violent images, he sent this one to 16-year old Brittany Navarra about two weeks before police say the pair killed Krista-Rae Pike.

It comes from this website called Satanspace.com.

Fresno State Communications Professor, Dr. Tamyra Pierce, has analyzed hundreds of Myspace pages.

She says these pages are unusually dark and could've been red flags.

Dr. Tamyra Pierce: "There were lot of references and images on both of their sites of Satanism and lots violence."

Lyrics in the music on Navarra's Myspace page are about going psycho, killing and revenge.

But much of the 16-year olds Myspace focuses on her broken heart and making the one she loved regret leaving her.

Most disturbing part of her page is there was a lot of pain and anger. It did seem she was crying out to someone.

It was that heartbreak that police say led Navarra and Gran to kill Krista-Rae Pike. Pike was going to marry Navarra's ex-boyfriend.

Fresno State Criminology Professor Dr. Peter English says this is not a typical crime of passion.

Dr. Peter English: "To act on that sentiment they go after the person that rejected them. This is an instance where the perpetrator allegedly has gone after the person that stole what they lost."

Dr. English says because Navarra was pouring her heart out on the internet, someone should have detected it, and intervened.

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