Pastor Returns To the Witness Stand

KFSN Pastor Charles Dickerson continued to maintain his innocence. Earlier in the trial the two alleged victims said they lied about the molestations.

Prosecutor Art Corona believed the crimes happened, and someone pressured the girls to change their story.

Corona asked Dickerson if he could be intimidating to a child.

Dickerson: "I've not heard that from children."
Prosecutor: "But you could be?"
Dickerson: "I've not heard that from children."
Prosecutor: "Do you agree with me that you could be, right?"
Dickerson: "I can't agree with you in terms of your opinion."

Dickerson is still the Senior Pastor at Pearly Grove Baptist Church located in Southwest Fresno.

Corona tried to attack the defendant's credibility as a Christian church leader by showing Dickerson didn't follow what he preached.

Prosecutor: "Fornication is sex outside of marriage. You had a child outside of marriage, Right?"
Dickerson: "Yes sir."
Prosecutor: "And therefore, you committed fornication. Correct?"
Dickerson: "Yes sir"
Prosecutor: "You were a pastor at that time, right?"
Dickerson: "Yes sir and was disciplined by the church as a result of it."

Dickerson said his church continues to support him even during this trial.

Charles Dickerson: "Most of the congregation has exemplified the spirit of Christ. They've been in my opinion, the ideal bible church."

Dickerson will soon learn if jurors believed him. Jury deliberations are scheduled to begin on Friday.

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