Larissa Schuster's Sentencing Delayed

KFSN Schuster appeared in a Fresno County courtroom today.

Her attorney asked for the sentencing to be delayed because they believe jurors could have been viewing news reports covering the trial.

In December a Los Angeles County jury convicted Schuster of killing her husband Timothy Schuster.

Investigators found his body in 2003 inside a barrel of acid.

The defense team declined to provide specifics about what lead them to believe misconduct occurred.

Edgar Page, Schuster Defense Attorney: "There's quite a bit of news coverage in this case. There's a high probability it could of happened. So it is our burden. We have that burden of proving that."

Schuster will return to court next month.

At that time the defense hopes to present evidence of juror misconduct.

If not, the judge will sentence Schuster who faces life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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