Future Expansion for Arte Americas

KFSN The Director of Arte Americas says it is a relatively small project which will impact visitors in a big way. They'll enjoy a better venue.

Arte Americas is digging in for a million-dollar makeover.

The museum's come a long way from its humble beginnings. The work of a founding member, John Sierra, is currently being showcased. Those who enjoy summer concerts here can look forward to new restrooms, a kitchen and added storage space to be built on this open lot.

Arte Americas Director Grace Solis said, "Things don't happen overnight. Like I said, the group has been working for twenty years to get this done."

Arte Americas received a grant from the California endowment for the arts for $500 thousand dollars allowing improvements to be made in the plaza area.

"We're adding a Mexican style gazebo or kiosko and a fountain" said Solis. She went on to say, "We're also upgrading our plaza to include better lighting."

Solis says it is important Arte Americas realizes its potential because of the role it plays in the city's Cultural Arts District.

"We do all we can to increase our visibility because when people come here they also see the surrounding galleries so we'd like to think we're in a partnership with all of the other arts community."

Between the celebrations and art exhibits, Arte Americas is always looking for new ways to serve the community. The plaza may hold the key.

"The long, long range plan is hopefully someday we can rent this out like for a wedding" said Solis.

Construction work is expected to be finished in six months, just in time for the summer concert series to resume.

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