Harsh Words from Stacy Johnson-Klein

KFSN They testified in a committee hearing about the $19 million dollar lawsuit Johnson Klein won against the school.

This committee hearing is a change for state senators to hear why a jury award Stacy Johnson-Klein $19 million dollars.

Former Women's Basketball Coach Johnson-Klein testified along with Fresno State President John Welty and CSU Chancellor Charles Reed.

The lawmakers were not happy with what they heard.

Stacy Johnson-Klein was the first to testify.

She said Fresno State ruined her chances to coach ever again.

Stacy Johnson-Klein: "No amount of money will ever erase pain and trauma that my family has suffered at the hands of the two men who are here today CSU Chancellor Charles Reed and President John Welty.

Both Welty and Reed sat behind Johnson-Klein as she criticized them.

Stacy Johnson-Kelin. "I said no to an athletic director that I would not have sex with him and I said No ... John Welty you will not tell me how to dress what not to wear."

State Senator Dean Florez promised to propose a state law like the federal title 9 law that requires equal treatment among male and female athletes.

Other legislators became hostile towards university officials After Johnson-Klein's testimony.

St. Sen. Darrell Steinberg: "The only thing I want to I hear and the only thing the committee ought to hear is what the University is doing so this doesn't happen to anyone else. The jury has spoken."

President Welty defended his University.

John Welty: "There's no role in discrimination in the campus. We don't tolerate it. It's a core value of mine that I will not tolerate it. I think everyone on the campus realizes it."

Senators were upset that the University lost more than $20 million dollars because of 3 discrimination lawsuits.

CSU Chancellor Charles Reed faced criticism for his decision to prolong the Johnson-Klein case by appealing the jury's verdict.

Charles Reed: "I have no idea how much appeal would cost."

St. Sen. Dean Florez: "That's scary because that's your decision. ... We want you to know how much it will cost."

Reed: "That is my decision."

Johnson-Klein's attorneys also spoke. Dan Siegel hinted he may be filing another lawsuit. All he would say is ... He represents Softball Coach Margie Wright. Senator Florez hopes to introduce by next week legislation to create new laws to protect female athletes.

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