Going Green

KFSN For seven years a half finished restaurant, designed by Fresno architect Art Dyson, languished in the Tower District in partial ruin under the threat of city demolition. That is until those three friends bought it. Paul Miller is an architect himself and was drawn to the site: "The building is a unique building - unique location and being concerned sustainability and the green issues this was really good."

Miller and his two buddies: Artist mark Rodriguez and ecology consultant Doug Drynan also like the idea of transforming a decaying shell into a green or sustainable building: "(It was) blurring the lines between what is green and what is architecture and what is art."

And the men wanted to meet the "LEED" or 'Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design' standards of the US Green Building Council. Loren Aiton is a member of the local Central California chapter of the US Green Building Council: "We're really happy and excited about that and what this building represents to the community and how it will have people aware of things that were done to make it sustainable."

The central California chapter has another 'LEED' project close to completion - the Unitarian Universalist church of Fresno. The one in the Tower District boasts the following Green or Sustainable features - High grade insulation made from eighty-five percent recycled denim fabric... High efficiency heat transfer windows Extreme water efficient restrooms including a waterless urinal that will save the use of 40-thousand gallons of water a year. A shower if you bike to work State of the art green cooling and heating Energy saving lighting Miller is moving his architectural firm here from north Fresno. Rodriguez will display some of his art and Drynan will have his ecology consultant office here as well.

Mark Rodriguez: "If everyone did a little bit, it would be important, it'd make a big difference ... This is a contribution to our community as a green project."

There are many buildings and homes built with some of the green principals of "LEED" but when this one in Fresno officially opens in the next few weeks it will join the nearly two hundred others "LEED certified" built in California in the past five years. And the owners hope their example will encourage others to join the green building movement.

Interested" Check out the US Green Building Council national and your local Chapter's website:



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