Martin Luther King Jr.'s Spirit Marches On in Fresno

KFSN Many members of the community who have contributed to the civil rights cause are also participating in the event. They say it's about keeping the dream alive.

"He was a great man. He fought for the civil rights. He was special because if that mom and dad couldn't be together," said Marvin Hall.

Marvin's parents and grandparents are interracial and they believe they could have never married if it weren't for Dr. King's endless struggles.

"I wanted my son to see that it's not just blacks that came. Everybody came out, whites and blacks," said Cherish Long.

Hundreds of races and nationalities marched from St. John's Cathedral in downtown Fresno up to the Saroyan Theater on this cold winter morning.

"The significance of this is to keep the legacy alive. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had the civil rights bill signed and we still have people who don't even come out and vote," said Dr. David Howard.

A celebration includes a food drive for those who marched and anyone from the community who wants to contribute some food can do so at St. John's Catholic Church on R and Mariposa St. in downtown Fresno.

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