Make or Break for Rudy Giuliani

KFSN Florida is where Rudy Giuliani will make his stand or else probably fall. The now-former republican frontrunner gambled that he could win in Florida and then roll up enough delegates on February 5th, Super Tuesday, to go on to win the nomination.

"We decided some time back that this is the place where we should put out most emphasis. That it worked out strength and weaknesses the best and now we're ready for it," said Rudy Giuliani.

"I think Florida is really the first true signal going into February 5th of where this race may end up," said political strategist, Matthew Dowd.

"Thank you my friends and thank you South Carolina." John McCain comes into Florida with momentum from his win in South Carolina, but independents, McCain's strength, cannot vote in Florida. Mitt Romney, who won this weekend's Nevada caucus, has plenty of money and seems willing to spend it to win here.

"Well, I'd love to win Florida, of course. It's a very big state with a lot of delegates, and I care very much about Florida," said Romney.

Florida is key because it's a first winner-take-all primary with 57 delegates up for grabs. With so much at stake, this weekend Giuliani issued his sharpest attack on McCain to date, criticizing his votes against the Bush tax cuts. Sunday, McCain fired back.

"When someone hasn't run primary I can understand why they might attack the frontrunner," said McCain.

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