Quit Smoking for College Credit

KFSN Now, Fresno City College is offering a course on how to quit and important techniques on how to stay smoke free for life.

April Imboden can't even keep track of how many times she's tried to quit smoking.

At 30 she finally did. But then she discovered cigars.

So, when a co-worker told her about this smoking cessation class at Fresno City College that would help her quit and earn her 2 transferable college credits, she signed up.

Students learn some formulas, math, and science. But they also get individual medical testing; blood pressure, weight, and a test that measures your lung capacity.

They're all done at the beginning of the semester and at the end. And it's these cold hard numbers that the instructor will use to see if students are still smoking or at least cutting back.

During this class we heard April gasp when she heard some of the cold hard facts of what smoking does to the body so she's certainly counting on one thing to help her quit: Fear.

The class is being funded by a grant so at the end of the semester students get their $40 back for the two credits. And if students need extra help quitting along the way they also get free Nicotine patches.

If you would like more information on this smoking cessation class contact Steven Boyd at 244-2631. You can also email him at steven.boyd@fresnocitycollege.edu.

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