Murder Suspect To Undergo Mental Evaluation

KFSN Prosecutors say the random murder was at the hands of 19-year old Robert Medina. But now Medina's attorney says he may not have been in the right state of mind.

Prosecutors say in a random act of violence Robert Medina stabbed to death Billy Harig last month.

But now those murder charges have been suspended leaving Harig's loved ones afraid that justice won't be served.

Harig's guitar pic remains posted on a memorial his friends and family made to remember him by. Friends of the 59-year old say Harig was a simple man who loved walking his dog, Johnny, every day.

Now Johnny only whines when he walks near the parking space where Harig was senselessly stabbed to death.

Nancy Phillips, Harig's girlfriend, says "He stayed with him until the cops arrived. They say he was lying on his chest when the cops got here."

Prosecutors say Harig was just getting home from his daily walk with Johnny when Medina walked up to Harig and stabbed him in the torso.

Police say Medina gave no reason as to why he killed him. And Monday, Medina's attorney asked that he be mentally evaluated.

Michele Winspur, Medina's attorney, says "I know that he's having hallucinations at this point and there's still serious mental issues that we need to address."

Winspur says Medina's criminal charges have been suspended until a doctor can determine if he's mentally capable to stand trial.

Harig's friends are still trying to cope with his death and are upset with the court's decision to evaluate Medina.

Tammy Sells, Harig's friend and neighbor, says "He wasn't mentally ill when he picked up that knife he wasn't mentally ill when he took an innocent man's life."

Harig's girlfriend, Phillips, says "The guy just come up to him and stabbed him in cold blood for no reason at all and just took off and ran."

If a doctor says Medina doesn't have the mental ability to undergo a trial he will likely plead "not guilty by reason of insanity" to the murder charges and spend time in a state mental facility.

Medina will be back in court next week.

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