Police Need Help Solving Teen Murder

KFSN 18-year old Krista-Rae Pike was beaten and stabbed to death last week inside the Madera home she shared with her fiancée and his father.

Investigators say they are 25% through this case. They have many clues to put together.

Now detectives and the family of 18-year old Krista want to find four important objects.

Madera investigators are looking for a 5 pound silver dumbbell. It is believed to be the object used to beat Krista Pike to death.

They are also searching for a kitchen knife and the victim's cell phone.

Sgt. Roger Salas, Madera Police Department, says "We are investigating an aspect of this investigation… possibly text messaging was done during the homicide and also pictures take."

Sgt. Salas believes 19 year old suspect Dustin Gran took his clothes, knife, cell phone and dumbbell and tossed the objects somewhere in Madera.

Gran and 16 year old Brittany Navarra are charged with murdering Pike last Monday. Both have pleaded not guilty.

The victim's father Russel Pike gave his daughter the cell phone police are now looking for. "This is the cell phone... In a cover... Verizon cell phone. It is identical to this one," says Russel.

Russel said investigators have kept his family updated as progress is made.

Krista's mother asked for people to report even the smallest clues. Stacie Pike, victim's mother, says "If anybody finds a cell phone or a dumbbell, I don't care what it looks like, what shape it's in, what color... Please take it in."

The Pike family is from northern California and are staying in a hotel in Madera until their daughter's remains are released to them.

Investigators know they have a huge challenge in front of them because the knife, dumbbell, cell phone and suspects clothes could be anywhere in Madera.

If you have information you are asked to call the Madera Police Department.

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