Three Missing Fresno County Girls found in Santa Barbara

KFSN Early Tuesday morning Fresno County Sheriff's detectives viewed surveillance video showing a girl resembling the 13 year old at a Santa Barbara area gas station, where she apparently tried to use a gas card.

Santa Barbara Sheriff's Deputies then began to search the area for the vehicle.

It was located this afternoon, and the three missing girls were taken to the Santa Barbara Sheriff's Department. Fresno County Sheriff's detectives then headed to Southern California to pick them up.

13 year old Kristy Harrison left her Tarpey area home Monday afternoon with her 7 year old sister Destiny and 2 year old sister Trinity in tow. The children live with their uncle, Michael Wilson, who has custody of them.

Tuesday afternoon Wilson said he couldn't believe the three had traveled so far.

What remains a mystery is why Harrison ran away and headed to Southern California. Wilson says he asked her to tidy up the house while he took her mother, who had been visiting, home. When he returned, they were gone.

Sheriff's deputies say it appears the children have been on quite a trip.

The gas card was used in Burbank around 8 Monday night, then in Santa Barbara this morning about 8 a.m. Wilson says though he is anxious to hear an explanation, the girls are not in trouble, at least with him.

"At this point, I'm not mad. They're okay. That's the main thing."

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