Fresno Prosecutor Faces Criminal Charges

KFSN Deputy District Attorney David Jones hoped to run for a judge's seat this coming election. He now faces charges for stalking and stealing his former girlfriend's identity.

Action news is not revealing the victim's name, but what she told investigators is now in the hands of the attorney general.

David Jones prosecuted criminals and even went after bulldog gang members.

Now, Jones is the one facing prosecution.

According to documents filed in court, Jones' girlfriend ended their relationship in 2007 and he retaliated. Jones is accused of making a fake internet profile on the online bulletin board Posting the victim's name, picture and phone number and soliciting sex from men.

Jones worked in downtown Fresno for the Multi Agency Gang Enforcement Consortium known as "MAGEC". His office was raided during the investigation.

District Attorney Elizabeth Egan declined to discuss specifics saying, "David Jones is currently on administrative leave. We are following the county personal procedures and process to review this matter."

"And that means you can't talk about the case?"

"No I cannot talk about the case."

Jones is also accused of harassing the woman at work. His attorney called the charges completely unfounded.

ABC 30's legal analyst Tony Capozzi said even if the allegations are false, the prosecutor's career could be ruined. Capozzi said, "He has to worry about whether or not he can keep his license the State Bar of California will start and inquiry, conduct an investigation and determine whether or not he can keep his license."

The court issued an arrest warrant for Jones. His attorney said he went downtown, posted bail and was released. David Jones will be arraigned in early February.

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