Three-Month Old Infant Is Dead

KFSN The 3 month old infant died this morning of injuries Sheriff's detectives say were at the hands of his father. Tonight the 19 year old dad is in jail facing charges of murder.

Jimmy Santoyo's dark curly hair and big brown eyes are features his mother will always remember.

Marisela Santoyo, Mother: "He was just calm, he never cried and right away we knew when he was sick because he would be fussy. He just like, to me, he was the perfect baby."

Marisela Santoyo doesn't want to show her face. Her 3 month old son died this morning at Children's Hospital Central California after he was taken off life support.

"Just losing your family from one hour to the next I figured it's unfair, it's just words can't explain it."

Santoyo has not only endured the heartbreak of losing a child, now her husband is facing charges of causing the fatal injuries.

Jose Santoyo is under arrest in connection with the baby's death.

Sanger police showed up to the family's home January 10th after the baby's father called to say his son was unresponsive. A short time later the investigation led authorities to the father who was alone with the baby when he began having trouble breathing.

Chris Curtice, Fresno County Sheriff's Dept.: "I can't get into details on exactly what happened but i can say suffice it to say the father was responsible for the baby's death."

The baby's mother says she's overwhelmed by all the loss. She says she was at work when the baby was injured and believes her husband did not intentionally hurt their son.

We should mention the baby was involved in an auto accident while in the ambulance in-route to the hospital. But CHP officials say the accident did not contribute to the child's injuries or death.

An autopsy has been planned for Friday.

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