Big Rigs Stranded On Both Side of the Mountain

KFSN But I-5 was shut down once again shortly after.

Other than that the main highway between the Central Valley and Southern California has been completely closed for twenty-four hours.

Klein's Truck Stop in Northwest Fresno was filled with big rigs lined up in a holding pattern.

The lot was so packed many drivers had to park their trucks on the side of the road to await their instructions.

The truckers were ready to bypass the Grapevine.

Vernon Chapman, Shelbyville, Tennessee: "Just go down 58 to 14 just avoid your higher areas and your bad areas at all times."

Chapman was prepared for the snow but hoped he wouldn't have to put chains on his tires.

Roland Zuercher, Springfield, Missouri: "We usually shut down if its icy. We don't drive. That's the policy of prime. If you can't drive it, the conditions are bad. You just shut down."

By afternoon trucks began to hit the highway as shipping orders resumed after a short delay.

Some of their deliveries already a day late.

Luis Roman, Colorado Springs: "If you're receiving whatever, coffee, couches, it can be rescheduled for another day. If it's nice and sunny out get it there on time. But safety's first. Safety for everybody."

Highway 99 plays a vital role in the transporting of goods. The storms have truckers prepared to take alternate routes.

"Everybody wants their product but safety first. Oh yeah. Well it don't do you no good when it's laying in a ditch."

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