Valley Cemetery Mix-Up Has Been Solved

KFSN Herminia Zamora was re-buried at the Mendocino Cemetery, located on Mendocino Avenue in Parlier.

Parlier cemetery workers placed the casket carrying Herminia Zamora at her burial site. Five of Zamora's children were brought to tears as they said goodbye to their mother for the third time. They said Friday's ceremony was a relief.

Abelina Lara, Zamora's Daughter: "We're happy that we're putting all this in back of us, the bad memories of all that happened."

Last month, when Zamora's children went to put a new gravestone at their mother's grave they noticed where they had been praying and where the cemetery said she was buried were not the same place.

Frustrated, they asked the cemetery for a new burial and decided to file a lawsuit against the cemetery.

Lara: "To me it has been misleading."

But the Zamora family says this video shows cemetery officials trying to fix their mistake without notifying the family.

At the family's pleading, the workers stopped digging and agreed to hold a burial service for Zamora last week.

But when the family arrived they saw a casket in the plot they thought was empty.

Not knowing if it was Zamora, the cemetery brought the casket to a funeral home to identify it.

After determining it was her, on Friday the family came together again to give Zamora a catholic burial.

Abelina: "Finally she'll be resting in peace. Something that she wanted since before she wanted to be next to my dad."

Herminia Z. Avila, Zamora's daughter: "I just want to let the people know that when something like this happens don't be embarrassed to let someone know that there's a mistake."

Cemetery officials insist they tried everything they could to accommodate the family.

Jerry Lyerla, Parlier Cemetery Manager: "I hope the family will excuse us for some parts of what they think we did I thought that the men did an excellent job."

Herminia Zamora's children say they still plan to file a lawsuit against Parlier Cemetery for all of the trauma and grief they've had to go through.

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