Strong Winds Damage Homes in Visalia

KFSN The people living here believe an actual tornado touched down and caused all this damage. The National Weather Service couldn't confirm it but will send an investigator to take a closer look.

The high winds literally ripped the branches off the side of this redwood tree. "I thought it was just a strong wind of something, but this obviously is more than just a strong wind" said Visalia resident Hector Sandovao.

That strong wind did some major damage to the residents living right behind Sandoval in the Royal Oaks Neighborhood. "It's like a roar, like a train coming down the tracks. And then the trees starting bending and things started flying" said Carol Hanson a resident in the Royal Oaks Mobile Home Park.

A tree uprooted and fell into Carol Hanson's home. "And then it just came and oh, I couldn't believe it. It was devastating" said Hanson.

There's property damage all over this mobile home community. Tree cutters were called into Tom McCormick's home to remove a large tree. "I started to try to come out the back door and my wife said don't, because a tree fell on the house. Then the fire department came out and said go out the other door" said McCormick.

Workers will be busy Monday as they continue the cleanup of twisted metal and fallen trees.

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