Snow Falls In the Low Elevations

KFSN The rain in Fresno fell so hard Monday morning; many people woke up to rain drops pounding on their roof tops.

In Fresno after heavy rain overnight, the showers continued during the morning commute. This was the scene in downtown Fresno at the Mariposa Mall and M Street. A few people were prepared with umbrellas as they walked through Courthouse Park.

Overnight, the storm was even strong enough to knock out power. PG&E said as of late Monday morning 488 customers are without power in Fresno County from 21 separate outages. No word yet on when the power will be back on.

As for snow, Monday morning, we had reports of snow falling as low as 900 feet in the town of Prather. They got somewhere between one to two inches.

Slick conditions on the roads in the foothills and down in the grapevine are expected today.

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