Clinton or Obama?

KFSN Of the 888 Democrats polled, 49-percent said they support Senator Hillary Clinton.

Senator Barack Obama came in with 38-percent.

John Edwards trailed with just nine-percent.

While support for Senator Clinton has remained relatively consistent, Senator Obama is closing the gap, up eight percentage points since the same poll was conducted in mid-December.

Obama's local campaign spokesperson attributes the surge to hard work while Clinton's camp says her lead is still significant.

Temo Figueroa, Obama Nat'l Field Director: "We have the largest grass roots operation ever put together in the history of a presidential primary here in California and Fresno is just part of a larger program."

Kamyl Bazbaz, Clinton Press Secretary: "The poll still shows we have a double digit lead and that shows an incredible amount of support we still have in California."

SurveyUSA poll shows Senator Clinton doing very well with female, Hispanic and Asian voters.

Meanwhile Senator Obama has overwhelming support of black voters and is in a virtual dead heat with Clinton among white voters.

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