Coalinga Baby Reunited With Mother

KFSN Police say ten month old Jaden Herrera's father took him after fighting with boy's mother.

22-year-old Jose "Joe" Herrera is now in police custody.

A tip called into Coalinga police led them straight to a residence early Tuesday afternoon where Jose Herrera was hiding out with his son. He tried to run away when he was tasered and taken into custody.

Jaden Herrera appeared content back in his mother's arms after 22 hours missing and a man hunt for the child's father.

Jerry Galvin, Coalinga Police Chief: "The baby's ok. It seemed it has a cold and maybe the flu but the baby's fine and that's the most important thing."

Coalinga police questioned the suspect, Jose Herrera at police headquarters Tuesday afternoon. The police chief says Herrera tried to flee when officers surrounded the house where he was hiding.

"I would not say he is cooperative. He has a past history with this department, he was recently released from the county jail on the 2nd of January."

Investigators say an argument broke out between the baby's parents Monday afternoon when police say the father assaulted the mother before taking the baby and running away. Police say the couple was in front of the child's doctor's office when the fight started.

Moments after police arrested Herrera, Jaden was reunited with his mom at police headquarters.

"The baby was crying with me, even though I'm a grandpa but when Jaden saw his mom, all the crying ceased. So it was a happy ending and always makes you feel good."

Investigators say they did not believe Herrera would try to hurt the baby but were concerned about the manner in which the child was taken against his mother's will. Officer's were also concerned about whether the father was equipped and capable of taking on the responsibility.

Police plan to ask the district attorney to pursue felony child endangerment and domestic violence charges.

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