Presidential Race Tightens for Super Tuesday

KFSN Now in the final crush before Super Tuesday's massive 24 state vote, candidates spent their weekend in a quest for support. Hillary Clinton stumped in Missouri. "We have to have someone who can go toe to toe with the republicans because I don't believe they'll give up the white house without a fight," said Clinton.

But do voters think Mrs. Clinton is the person for that fight, or is Barack Obama, campaigning in Delaware on Sunday the candidate for them?

Obama said, "I think the race is close all across the country. There are going to be some states where I anticipate Clinton will do well, her home state of New York. In California she has a big lead, that we are chipping away on."

A new ABC News / Washington Post Poll show Hillary Clinton at 47% percent, in a near statistical dead heat with Obama's 43% percent just one day before Super Tuesday's vote.

Among republican candidates John McCain now gets support from 48% percent of voters; Mitt Romney 24% percent and Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul trail further back.

The poll also gave its prediction if a general election were to be held this week. Against McCain, Hillary Clinton would lose, 46% percent to McCain's 49% percent. But in a race between McCain and Obama, the numbers flip: Obama winning, 49% percent to McCain's 46% percent, still within the poll's margin of error.

McCain's campaign says privately they hope to do well enough tomorrow to wrap up the nomination, but for Democrats, such clarity still appears some time off.

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