Local Reaction to the Democratic Debate

KFSN Some gathered for viewing parties while others turned the event into a classroom lesson.

Democrats in the Valley we spoke with were split between Senators Obama and Clinton before Thursday's debate. The Fresno County Democratic Central Committee hosted viewings like this one in Northeast Fresno to learn more about their potential future president.

Exit polls were handed out at the end of the debate to see who did the best job overall. Both Obama and Clinton supporters agreed the time for change in the white house is now.

One Obama Supporter said, "Obama can once again make it cool to go work for the government. So we can get our best and our brightest into public service and that's what really impresses me."

Clinton Supporter Alberta Ferrer said, "I think they're both very good. I am a Democrat. And I'm very proud of both of them. I think Hillary has the experience."

At a pop culture class at the University of Phoenix students and teachers also spent time watching the debate. Students monitored both senators' responses on a score card. The goal of tonight's lesson was to read beyond the "celebrity status" of each candidate and search for the meaning and substance of the responses given.

Student Jay Bowen said, "So I look at both sides of the issue and both points of view before I make a decision so this is giving me an opportunity to look at that even though I haven't, up until now, hadn't had an opportunity to gather a lot of information. This is giving me that opportunity."

University of Phoenix Communications Professor Rhonda Herb said, "It's a good opportunity for them to be aware of the things that we're talking about which is: how do external appearances influence our opinion of people; their character; their status; their messaging."

The Fresno County Democrat's Poll after the debate revealed the group overall favored Barack Obama. As for Hillary Clinton, "Ugly Betty" star America Ferreira will be lending her star-power to a pro-Clinton rally Friday afternoon at Fresno State.

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