Kim Kardashian will skip Sunday's big game

NEW ORLEANS Kardashian told The Associated Press on Friday that she won't be watching the New England Patriots battle the New York Giants on Sunday because her beau, New Orleans Saints star player Reggie Bush, won't be on the field.

"We're not going - we have other things to do," said Kardashian, as Bush stood nearby at the Hanes Style Villa, a celebrity gifting suite (the pair picked up diamond-studded Haimov watches among other freebies).

"Since Reggie's not in the Super Bowl, there's no reason to watch," she said.

Kardashian, who stars in the E! network show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," admitted that she has never been huge football fan anyway - but has gotten into the game since hooking up with Bush.

"I'm not really a sports girl," she said. "But I sit with all the wives and they know everything and I don't so they are teaching me, and I'm learning a lot about it, so I'm loving it."

Still, she's not likely to turn on a game featuring any other team but Bush's Saints.

"I don't really watch it if he's not playing," she said. "I'm not that big of a football fan yet."

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