Joss Stone: unimpressed with meeting 1st lady

NEW YORK "I met Ana from 'Ugly Betty!"' Stone gushed Saturday night. "I just love that show. I don't really watch TV, but I download it and 'Lost' from iTunes," she said.

Stone saw both Laura Bush and Ortiz on Friday at the Red Dress Collection fashion show, the first lady's healthy heart campaign.

"I saw the Bush lady," Stone recalled Saturday evening, sitting in the front row of the Rock & Republic show, just in front of Katy Perry (singer of the not-for-corporate-radio "hit" single "Ur So Gay").

"I care for American politics because it affects the rest of the world so much, but I just don't really care for the Bush family," Stone continued.

"I'd actually met her before at the White House and it was like 'Hey how are you,' and then she was gone. I mean, to be fair, I guess she seemed like a nice enough chick, but I don't really know."

As far as her encounter with the catwalk goes, the 20-year-old British soul singer pulled no punches.

"I hated the modeling - it was so embarrassing!" she said. "I'd never do that again."

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