Major Setback for Schuster Defense Team

KFSN Schuster was convicted in December for murdering her husband Tim Schuster.

Investigators found his body in 2003 stuffed in a barrel of acid.

Larissa Schuster's defense team targeted local media websites.

They served subpoenas on several outlets, including abc30.

The defense is asking for information that could reveal who viewed web stories.

Schuster's Attorney Roger Nuttall specifically wanted to investigate if jurors read web stories covering the trial in Van Nuys.

Nuttall: "In the internet blogs that I've seen there was really inappropriate commentary on the trial and her circumstances."

Attorneys for abc30 and other media filed paperwork saying they don't store that type of information.

Another station fought the subpoena.

The judge sided with the press... Saying the defense was quote "on a fishing expedition" end quote.

Prosecutor Dennis Peterson said many people are waiting for this case to finally end.

Peterson: "Shirley Schuster, Tim's mom, and all his friends ... family members ... I'm sure they're very anxious to see this come to a conclusion."

The defense will still file paper work asking for a new trial.

Larissa Schuster returns to court in March. She will likely be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

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