Preparations for Super Tuesday

KFSN There has been record turnout around the Country and that trend is expected here in Fresno County. Here at the elections office and around the Valley...there's a busy rush to get ready for Tuesday.

Machines at the Fresno County Elections Office are already sorting through 60-thousand absentee ballots.

A steady stream of people came in to vote early Monday morning...including first time voter Leticia Rodriguez.

Leticia Rodriguez: "Just to beat the rush- get here before everybody else did."

A record 65 percent turnout is expected in Fresno County this Primary and an Exclusive Action News SurveyUSA Poll shows a split among California Republicans.

John McCain is bringing in 39 percent of the vote to Mitt Romney's 36 percent.

Hi Dorothy, this is Brian- a volunteer with the McCain campaign.

McCain's campaign is focusing less on the Central Valley and more on moderate republicans in northern and southern California.

Brian Forrest, McCain Campaign's Central Valley Chair: "This area is predominantly conservative area, it always has been, so that's why it's leaning toward Romney a little bit- we're hoping to change that."

At Hillary Clinton's campaign office...signs are being prepped for a rally.

Matt Rogers, Clinton Campaign Staffer: "Today is crunch time- everything we've built on for the last month and the last 6 months- it comes down to today and tomorrow."

Volunteer's estimate they'll make 4-thousand calls alone both English and Spanish.

The Action News Poll found Hillary Clinton leads Barack Obama 53 to 41 percent among California democrats.

My name's Alex - I'm just swinging through the neighborhood with the Barack Obama campaign.

Obama staffers are trying to close the gap by going door-to-door on Fresno's west side.

Alex Steele, Obama Field Organizer: "For me, I'm probably going to do over 100 homes, I'll stay out here as long as it takes to get that done."

Polls open at Seven Tuesday morning and close at eight Tuesday night.

Election officials here can't stress enough anyone who still has an absentee ballot must have it in by eight Tuesday night.

Those can be dropped off at any polling location.

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