Largest Primary Election in U.S. History

KFSN Both democrats and republican candidates have been pounding the campaign trail with the possibility of sealing the nomination for president.

Political experts say this is the largest Super Tuesday ever with California and 23 other states holding primaries or caucuses, more than 16 hundred delegates at stake on the democratic side, some 10 hundred for the republicans.

Most of the presidential candidates have already cast their own ballots. Now they continue their campaigns across the u-s. This first-of-its-kind primary has many of the candidates unsure about what to expect after the polls close. Voter turnout could be at record levels!

After all the build up the busiest primary day in U.S. history is here.

For the candidates, the lead up has been a test of physical endurance, as they reached out to voters in two dozen states.

Sen. Barack Obama: "It's been exhilarating up until this morning to wake up and do the morning shows. That's when it all hit."

Polls show Barack Obama nipping at Hillary Clinton's heels. She took a brief break from campaigning to vote this morning...and says, even she does not know if the race will be any clearer when the polls close.

Sen. Hillary Clinton: "Both intriguing and somewhat mystifying because none of us really understand what the impact of all of these contests on one day will be for any of us."

With more than half of the democratic delegates and nearly as many republican delegates up for grabs the impact could be enormous. The race on both sides is drawing unprecedented interest.

Belinda Pereira, Voter: "First time I'm voting so this is very exciting, yeah. I feel like my vote is actually going to make a difference this time."

The republicans could gain more clarity after today. Mitt Romney is trailing John McCain, and Mike Huckabee is fighting to stay in the race... While a very confident McCain started his day, predicting victory.

Sen. John McCain: "We're going to win today, and we're going to win the nomination and we're going to win the presidency."

Many of the republican states are winner take-all while democrats don't have to win the state outright to win delegates.

That's part of why, at the end of the day, the democrats are much more less likely have a clear nominee.

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