Last Minute Push for Votes

KFSN 24 states around the country hold primaries.

Both democrats and republican candidates have been pounding the campaign trail with the possibility of sealing the nomination for president.

Campaigning through the final hours, the grind of it all was evident in Hillary Clinton's voice.

Hillary Clinton: "I believe it is so important that Democrats go into the general election against the republicans standing firmly for universal health care."

Racing from state to state, Clinton can't ease up because what were sizable leads around the country are vanishing. Closing fast: Barack Obama who sprinted through fifteen Super Tuesday states in the past week, Here's his turn in Idaho.

Sen. Barack Obama: "They told me there weren't any Democrats in Idaho, but I didn't believe them!"

A good night to the team in Massachusetts.

Among republicans, John McCain used his final day to campaign in New York and New Jersey where he already leads, and Massachusetts, as a take-that gesture to his opponent, the state's former governor.

Sen. John McCain: "I've been involved in every major national security challenge this nation has faced for the last 20 years. I have the judgment. They haven't."

He's looking past Super Tuesday, offering an olive branch to conservative republicans.

But his closest opponent, Mitt Romney thinks otherwise.

Mitt Romney: "If I win California that means you're going to have a conservative in the White House."

Meanwhile Super Tuesday voting is already underway around the world, in Japan, Indonesia and Korea where Americans abroad opened the polls at midnight.

Super Tuesday delivers over a thousand republican and 16-hundred democratic delegates; not enough to win either nomination outright, but a strong finish could put the goal well within reach.

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