Super Tuesday Local Results

KFSN Senator Clinton's Valley supporters celebrated her win in Downtown Fresno.

Clinton gained the state's popular vote, and led the Central Valley. Clinton supporters hope her win will lead to the Presidency.

Despite a loss in California, Barack Obama's supporters say Super Tuesday has energized his campaign. About 40 volunteers and supporters gathered to watch the results come in at Obama's campaign headquarters in Northwest Fresno. The Obama camp says the overall goal was to win as many delegates away from Hillary Clinton. They predict this neck-and-neck pace could continue for awhile.

Temo Figueroa, Obama's Fresno Field Director said, "It's turned into a competition for delegates. The first to 2,025 delegates and if this goes hand-to-hand, we'll be fighting up 'til the convention. No one wants that, but I think that's what may be happening."

The Obama campaign will now close its Fresno office and open new ones in the next big states, including Texas.

In the Republican presidential race here in California, John McCain is the big winner. Many local republicans were pleased and excited to see McCain win California. About 60 Central Valley GOP supporters gathered here with about 2/3 backing McCain.

Several Mitt Romney supporters also showed up along with a few Mike Huckabee fans. Quite a few turned out and say since Rudy Giuliani dropped out they waited until the last minute to pick a candidate.

In the Madera county foothills, Oakhurst voters had the chance to decide whether to incorporate and become a city. The Measure failed with 57% of the voters rejecting incorporation. In Oakhurst, those in favor of Measure C were very disappointed by the results. The measure would have incorporated Oakhurst and allowed it to become a city. Supporters felt incorporation would be the best way to give residents here more control over their own future and to keep tax dollars in the community. Opponents argued it would open the door for unwanted development and possible tax increases.

The vote against incorporation means Oakhurst will continue to be represented by one member of the Madera County Board of Supervisors.

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