Fresno Man Makes Court Appearance in Death of Child

KFSN 19-year-old Lucas stood by his attorney as he plead not guilty to beating Erianna Beltran to death.

His girlfriend is Erin Skinner, the mother of Erianna.

Investigators arrested Skinner last week accusing her of the child's murder. But the district attorney did not file charges against Erianna's mother citing a lack of evidence.

Skinner was out of custody and in court defending her boyfriend. "This is a mistake he didn't do this," says Skinner.

According to court documents investigators found bruises and a bite mark on the 3-year-old. The child died two days after arriving at the hospital.

Beltran's grandmother, Virginia, also attended Tuesday's hearing and says she still in shock. "This is what comes out on Law and Order on TV. I mean you don't think it is going to happen in real life to you."

Virginia said she knew Skinner would never hurt her own child. She wants to remain neutral and remember Erianna who she loved dearly.

"I don't even know how to put it to words. It's just sad. Sad that two lives are going to be gone; the person that did this and my granddaughter's," says Virginia.

Lucas' family declined to comment after the court hearing. But in the past, they said Lucas is not capable of harming a child.

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