Obama takes coveted Missouri


It may not be California, but it seems that the fact that Obama has won in Missouri is huge. Missouri is considered a bell-weather state that accurately predicts the nominee virtually every time.

So far, Obama has won 13 of the 22 states, making it a big reason for his campaign to celebrate.

Senator Obama predicted the night would be close, saying Clinton went into Super Tuesday as the favorite. Considering the race has tightened in recent days, Obama said Tuesday would probably turn out to be a split-decision.

Obama addressed supporters in Chicago, telling them change is coming and "our time has come." He called for others to start believing in him.

"We need all the help we can get. So tonight, I want to speak directly to all those Americans who have yet to join this movement, but still hunger for change. They know it in their gut. They know we can do better than we're doing. They know that we can take our politics to a higher level, but they're afraid. They've been taught to be cynical. They're doubtful that it can be done. But I'm here to say tonight to all of you who still harbor those doubts, we need you," said Obama.

The Obama campaign has an extensive ground operation and the edge over Clinton in fundraising. They believe that as long as the delegate count remains close -- a margin of about 100 -- they are in good shape for the weeks ahead.

The Obama campaign says Clinton has huge name recognition and they just need more time to overcome that.

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