McCain now a clear front-runner


In his speech Tuesday night, Senator John McCain told his supporters in Phoenix that mothers in Arizona might want to start getting used to the idea that their children could someday grow up to be president.

Arizona's favorite son is well on his way to becoming at least the Republican nominee with wins in virtually all of the key races Tuesday.

The 71-year-old McCain traveled across the country on Super Tuesday, first to a rally at dawn in New York City. In California, he had a quick visit with Governor Schwarzenegger and then he came to Phoenix, where for the first time, he dared to call himself the dominant front-runner and pledged to gain the trust of those Republicans who might still be skeptical he's the man for them.

"I am as confident tonight as I have ever been that we can succeed in November by uniting our party in our determination to keep our country safe, proud, prosperous and free, and by again making a persuasive case to Independents and those enlightened members of the other party, that the great Ronald Reagan claimed for our party," said McCain.

Tuesday it seemed McCain was ready to turn the page on his campaign and move away from talking about his individual goals like his staunch support of the war in Iraq, and instead focusing on advancing and uniting the cause of the Republican Party as a whole.

Despite his victories Tuesday, McCain still has a lot of work ahead of him, including gaining the support of the right wing of the GOP Party, which his has been very critical of McCain. Also, he still faces opposition from the other candidates in this race, none of whom have dropped out, as of Tuesday.

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