Clinton wins California Democratic primary


Clinton's victories stretched from New York to California on Super Tuesday. She waited until the victories from New York and Massachusetts were in before she took the stage and addressed supporters at a midtown Manhattan ballroom.

Clinton congratulated Barack Obama on his victories and then launched into the Republicans, saying the GOP would not give up the White House without a fight, but that she would not allow anyone to "swiftboat" the country's future -- a reference to the negative ads that helped defeat John Kerry four years ago.

"For seven years we have seen President Bush's answer -- 'they don't know what's at stake in this election, but we do.' We know what we need is someone ready on day one to solve our problems and seize those opportunities," said Clinton.

It was an impressive show of strength for the Clinton campaign, winning the biggest prizes and winning in the east, the south and the west.

Still, out of the 11 million votes that were cast Tuesday on the Democratic side, if you add them all together, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are separated by less than one-percent, making it a very close race.

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