Caretaker Accused of Murder

KFSN 85-year-old Pricilla Stovall died in November 2006.

Investigators accuse Kelly Jones of killing Stovall by administering a lethal amount of prescription medication.

Both sides in this case agree Pricilla Stovall was very sick and nearing death. The prosecutor said the caregiver Kelly Jones murdered the elderly woman. The defense disagreed saying Stovall died of natural causes.

Pricilla Stovall spent her final days at her Clovis home under hospice care. The family hired Kelly Jones to provide 24 hour attention.

George Stovall: "I went up to the door and rang the door bell."

The victim's son George Stovall testified.

In November 2006 he went to his mother's house.

There he said he found Kelly Jones intoxicated.

Stovall: "I say Kelly open the door. She finally reached over ... to unlock the door. And she almost fell, grabbed the inner door with her right hand, and she reached over."

George found the home ransacked, and investigators blamed Jones.

Pricilla died shortly after her son arrived.

The prosecutor said Stovall had toxic levels of morphine and methadone in her body.

Jones is accused for administering the drugs and even consuming some of Stovall's medication.

Defense Attorney Ron Perring said Jones was overwhelmed, caring for a dying woman.

Perring: "She was the only one who experienced the stress of this long death with crackling breathing ... suffering ... morphine and moaning and finally took a handful of Xanax."

Perring believes morphine built up in her body because the 85-year-old woman was already about to die.

The prosecutor expects to finish his case by Friday. At this point, the defense is unsure if Kelly Jones will testify in her own defense.

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