Measure "E" Fell Short of Approval

KFSN Measure "E" would have paid for a new multi-purpose building at Tipton Elementary School.

But it fell short of the 55 percent majority needed for approval.

This is the second time Measure "E" has been defeated by voters in Tipton.

Officials hope about 13-hundred absentee and provisional ballots that still need to be counted will help push the measure forward. But those results don't come in for two weeks.

Janice McKay has 8 grandchildren - three attend Tipton Elementary School.

On Tuesday night Janice voted "yes" for Measure "E" - a $3.1 million dollar bond that would help build a brand new, multi-purpose facility with much-needed classrooms.

Those who voted against the measure said they didn't want to pay the extra taxes- about $30 per year for every $100,000 of property value.

Janice McKay: "I'm poor, poor, poor but I'll be dead and gone - the kids need an education."

Lavon Booker: "They need it down here, need more room and it'd be a good thing."

Some who voted "no" told us money was the main concern, but the majority of the people we talked to did not vote or aren't registered.

Out of Tipton's 18-hundred residents, 800 are registered voters. The Tulare County Office of Elections reports that -so far- just under 300 cast their ballots on Tuesday night.

Superintendent Michael Salcido says the children will suffer the most.

He says the elementary school is at capacity and the bond measure is crucial to alleviating overcrowding.

Michael Salcido: "It adds a few classrooms within that facility for choir and PE and so forth but also it starts the process where it gives us a brand new cafeteria to feed more children."

Salcido says if the school board wants to try and get Measure "E" passed a third time, they will have to work on getting through to more voters.

In the meantime, Measures "B" , "C" and "D" all millions of dollars to schools in Lindsay, Woodlake and Exeter to expand and modernize each academic and athletic facilities.

School officials there say they hope to break ground on their new projects by this summer.

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