Amy Winehouse wins appeal to come to L.A.

LONDON "Following further discussions involving the U.S. Embassy in London and officials in the United States, Amy Winehouse has been granted a visa to enter the United States of America," the Outside Organization said in a statement. "Unfortunately, due to the logistics involved and timing complications, Amy will not be traveling to the U.S. to perform at the Grammys in person."

Winehouse's journey to overturn the rejection of her visa application, which was denied under U.S. immigration rules regarding the "use and abuse of narcotics," was a tough one.

An official spoke on condition of anonymity because internal application deliberations by the U.S. Embassy in London are confidential. He said that the Department of Homeland Security was "rapidly" processing Winehouse's appeal, but could not say whether it would be complete in time for her to attend the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Winehouse was to leave the rehab clinic where she has spent the past two weeks on Friday, her representatives said - a day after they announced that her visa had been denied. As a backup, Winehouse was planning to perform live via satellite from a studio in London, where she would also be available to accept any awards.

Winehouse and her acclaimed "Back to Black" album are nominated for Grammys in six categories.

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