Warning Issued After Recent Car Burglaries

CLOVIS The burglaries are happening during the evenings and overnight hours in parking lots and homes throughout Clovis.

Three people were arrested earlier this week, suspected in some of the burglaries. But since then, there have been around 20 more so the crime spree isn't over yet.

Dozens of vehicles in parking lots, driveways, and streets have been targeted by burglars in the past week who are breaking windows and taking stereos, purses, and whatever else they can find.

Janet Stoll-Lee, Clovis Police Department, says "IPods, we've had laptop computers, digital cameras, wallets… When you look at all of the stuff that's been taken, it's just mind boggling."

Thieves hit several vehicles in this neighborhood in just one night. They took a leather jacket from one truck.

The truck's owners are guessing the people were looking for something else. "The seat has an armrest; and it was probably just elevated enough from the arm rest to make it look like it might have been covering something," says the owner.

Using the Action News Crime Tracker, which maps out crime trends, you can see how no part of Clovis has been spared from the burglaries. Thieves broke into more than 40 vehicles in all parts of the city.

"We started receiving phone calls on Thursday morning at 5:05 in the morning. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten …and that's on this page," says Stoll-Lee.

Several burglaries happened in this George Brown sports club parking lot where members are warned not to leave their personal belongings inside of their vehicles.

Brian Barsotti says he's seen fellow members become victim to thieves before. "I saw somebody had their window shattered out and there was a police officer here," says Barsotti, a Gb3 member.

Now, Barsotti is careful not to leave anything of value behind when he parks his vehicle.

Clovis police are now urging you to do the same. "Take those items with you, because if people see them it's like an open invitation for them to smash your window and grab it," says Stoll-Lee.

The three suspects arrested have been identified 25 year old Rocky Lujano of Tulare, and 19 year old Cody Toledo of Hanford. A third is identified as 36 year old Ernest Rodriguez of Tulare County,

Police say the three men were caught in the act earlier this week and are also suspected in crimes in the south valley.

But again, police say there are more thieves still out there, so people need to be careful.

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