Striking Writers Reach Tentative Deal

KFSN A summary of the proposed deal crafted this week was posted on the Writers Guild of America's Web site hours before members attended meetings in New York and Los Angeles.

Compensation for projects delivered via digital media was the central issue in the 3-month-old walkout. The strike idled thousands of workers, disrupted the TV season and moviemaking and took the shine off Hollywood's awards season.

The president of the Writers Guild of America, East, told reporters he thinks the agreement is a "good deal," and that he's recommending ratification.

Writers leaving the two-hour-plus New York meeting characterized the reaction as generally positive and said there's cautious optimism the end of the strike could be near.

If the writers give a thumbs up to the deal, the three-month walkout that has crippled the entertainment industry could end as soon as Monday.

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