3 Teens Arrested For Murder

EXETER The murder happened Friday afternoon, at Quince near Visalia Road in Exeter.

Saturday, police arrested 18-year-old Eduardo Madrigal and two 17-year-olds for the crime, but the case is far from wrapped up.

Residents in Exeter that spoke with Action News aren't taking Friday's gang murder lightly.

Police feel they have the prime suspect in custody but believe five other teens could provide answers to this deadly stabbing.

News of Friday's gang killing has sent shockwaves through the small and quiet valley town of Exeter.

Pat Hylton, resident, says "I think of Exeter as a safe town. That's upsetting."

Bobby Cabrera, resident, says "Hearing that, that's kind of scary. I would think the people of Exeter are going to push really hard to push that back out again."

Around 3 pm two rival gangs began a fight that spread over 3 blocks and ended in an alley way off of Quince Street with 18 year old Brian Barajas stabbed to death.

An Action News viewer took pictures of police and crime scene investigators on the scene.

Even though this is Exeter's first murder in three years Randy Smith, a police spokesperson, says the town hasn't investigated many gang-related crimes let alone a murder.

"It's not real bad. All the parties involved are local teenagers 17, 18 years old. We don't have a real big gang problem but obviously no town is exempt," says Smith.

Smith says multiple witnesses have come forward with information about this murder.

Already 18-year old Eduardo Madrigal has been arrested along with 2 other juveniles. But police are still looking for other teens they believe are involved.

Smith says "There are 5 other people of interest. At this point I can't comment as to what level their involvement was because the investigation is still ongoing."

The Exeter Police Department only has one officer that works to monitor the small but apparently growing problem with gangs in the area.

Police ask if anyone has further information regarding this stabbing to please call.

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