Hanford Suspect Crashes into Patrol Car

KFSN This all started in Selma where police they were pursuing a car but lost it upon arrival into Kings County. Kings County Sheriff's Deputies then spotted it at 14th avenue and Hanford-Armona road but again lost sight of the car in south Hanford.

Captain David Scott of the Kings County Sheriff's Department said, "Apparently during the pursuit the vehicle would turn its headlights off and black out, trying to evade the officers. And so it was situation where they would locate the vehicle and lose and locate the vehicle again in another location."

Witnesses say the car's headlights were off approaching the intersection of 11th and Davis. At the same time a Hanford Police Officer was crossing when the two collided. The officer apparently was ejected from his car. He was airlifted to community regional medical center with major injuries, though he was conscious and talking.

The suspect's car flipped and crashed into a home. People were home at the time, but no one inside the home was hurt. There were two people, a man and woman, inside the car. One of the suspects had to be airlifted as well.

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