Frightening Situation for One Valley Family

"I was laying right here on the bed. We heard a noise, it was extremely loud."

17 year old Vanesa De Dios was in her sister's room when a driver- on the run from police- slammed into her bedroom.

"I felt so lucky that I was in my sister's room watching movies and I didn't get hurt."

The man running from police, 19 year old Lenny Ignacio, Jr. from Madera, and his passenger is 18 year old Selia Quair from Lemoore.

A Selma Police officer tried to pull Ignacio over for speeding and running a red light but a supervisor denied the officer's request to pursue saying the traffic violation wasn't worth endangering lives.

CHP officer Jerry Pierce says "When you put your lights on you expect them to pull over."

Kings County deputies and Hanford Police did chase Ignacio, only he got away by driving with his headlights off.

Pierce says "When they don't stop and you have to chase them and you don't know why they're not stopping it can get really scary out there."

And it did for Hanford Police officer Jeff Davis. En route to help in the search for the Ignacio the officer and the fugitive crash at Davis Street and 11th Avenue. Ignacio and his passenger are pinned in, the officer is ejected 15 feet from his patrol car.

Hanford Police Captain Darrell Smith said "He was responsive, in a lot of pain, but doing well."

Officer Pierce won't speculate on what charges Lenny Ignacio is facing because investigators haven't been able to talk to him yet.

"I'm hoping we can charge him with enough serious offenses that he'll think twice if he tries it again."

Officer Davis was airlifted to Community Regional Medical Center where he is in serious condition. Ignacio and Quair are also at Community Regional, both are in critical condition.

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