Barack Obama Visits Iraq

It was a busy day in Iraq for Barack Obama, which included a helicopter ride and briefing with general David Petraeus.

Earlier, Obama, along with Senators Hagel and Jack Reed, sat down with Iraqi Prime Minister Nori Al-Maliki. He also met with America's fighting men and women.

But it was in America's other warzone, Afghanistan, where the Democratic candidate spent the weekend. Sunday, he broke bread with U.S. troops before meeting with Afghan President Hamid Karzai. "I think one of the biggest mistakes we've made strategically after 9/11 was to fail to finish the job here, focus our attention here. We got distracted by Iraq," said Obama.

On Good Morning America Monday, John McCain took a swipe at his opponent while insisting he was glad Obama is making his first visit to Iraq in 2 and a half years. "He'll be able to have the opportunity to see the success of the surge. It has succeeded. This is the same strategy that he voted against. Railed against. Campaigned for his nomination and obtained his nomination in opposition," said McCain.

This weekend Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki appeared to agree with Obama's time table of troop withdrawal in 16 months. But soon after his office said he had been misquoted, and that he did not want to get involved in us politics.

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