Super Delegate Troubles for Hillary Clinton

February 15, 2008 It could be a super loss for Hillary Clinton. Super Delegate John Lewis of Georgia, once one of her most prominent black supporters in congress, may be switching sides.

Published reports say Lewis will now vote for Barack Obama, and others could soon follow.

House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn is neutral so far, but says when Bill Clinton brought race into the debate a few weeks ago, it backfired. "Those of us who live in the south particularly, we know the code words when we hear them and we understand the tone," said Clyburn.

Meanwhile, Clinton is aiming her attacks straight at Obama's strength: his soaring oratory, which she calls hollow saying, ""Over the years you've heard plenty of promises from plenty of people in plenty of speeches, and some of those speeches were pretty good, but speeches don't put food on the table."

Camp Clinton is running ads suggesting Obama is ducking debates.

Obama's replied by saying, "Hillary says Barack Obama's ducking debates? It's the same old politics, of phony charges and false attacks."

As for the Republicans, these former bitter rivals may still look strained, but Mitt Romney's endorsement puts the Arizona Senator one step closer to officially wrapping up the nomination. "We had differences on specific issues but there is never any doubt about the common philosophy and principles and dedication to the party of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan that we share."

After two weeks, New Mexico officials have now declared Hillary Clinton the winner of that state's elections and despite some of the troubles in the Clinton camp, polls show her leading in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Texas; three states that will be critical in deciding who gets the democratic nomination.

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