Obama & McCain Sweep the Potomac Primaries

2/12/2008 It might not have been the Super Tuesday, but it was certainly a Super Tuesday for Barack Obama who ABC News projects to win the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. primaries. This makes it 8 straight wins for Obama who also swept five Democratic Primaries and Caucuses this past weekend.

By contrast, Hillary Clinton is already focused on next month's contests, such as Texas and Ohio, in which blue collar workers and Latinos will play a major role.

It was also a good day for John McCain. The likely republican nominee is projected to capture all three GOP contests in the so-called "Potomac Primaries;" though he just narrowly beat Mike Huckabee in Virginia. And late Tuesday, a call by the McCain campaign for Huckabee to drop out of the race, claiming it is now mathematically impossible for the former Arkansas Governor to capture the nomination.

175 delegates were at stake for the democrats on Tuesday. Because Obama won all three contests, he has taken his first significant delegate lead of the campaign.

Here's a breakdown of the estimated delegate totals for the Democratic candidates:

Barack Obama has a total of 1,212, while Hillary Clinton has 1,195.

2,025 delegates are needed for nomination.

On the Republican side, John McCain has 816 and Mike Huckabee has 240.

1,191 delegates are needed for the GOP nomination.

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